Installation proposal for MindSpaces

by Gili Ron & Adi Meyer

Our proposed project ‘AnteSpace’ relates to use case #2- Inspiring Workplaces. 


We propose an experience that responds to the user’s data through sensorial outputs. An experience that reflects the user’s biodata (and maybe other types of personal data if applicable) through sounds, textures, smells, colors, rhythm, and movement. Through reflection and verbal communication, the experience will guide the user on a path to the optimal mental state for the task they are required to perform.


AnteSpace is a site-specific intervention in an existing workspace, that will serve as a prototype and test case for future exploration. Following an in-depth analysis of a chosen existing workspace, we will characterize the different types of optimal mental states for performing different tasks at work. Following, a series of three artworks in different scales will be placed in strategic locations throughout the space. Each of the installations will address a distinct type of work, and therefore a unique mental state. 


As an exercise, we began pointing out different scenarios and tasks that occur in large firms:

Formal break

Non-formal break

Check emails

Solo laptop work

Team work 

One-on-one meetings

All-staff meetings

team meetings

Lunch and learns

Eating while working

Training sessions


Phone meetings


We aim to produce three study cases demonstrating possibilities for task switching mental preparation experiences:


Receiver Mode

Work Type: large gathering such as an all-staff meeting, lunch-and-learn, technical training session, project briefs. 

People >10 

Mental state required: attentive, focused, open minded, observant, relaxed

Communication: receiving 

Space constraints: large

Intervention size: large- pass way in the entrance of a meeting room / small room


Collaborator Mode:  

Work Type: medium size gatherings such as brain-storing session, team meetings, project updates.

3-15 people

Mental state required: collaborative, engaged, attentive, positive, excited, creative, open-minded, visionary (big picture).

Communication: active

Space constraints: medium

Intervention size: medium, wall installation


Production Mode:

Work Type: technical production mode, one employee working on a laptop scenario.

1 person

Mental state required: focused, concentrated, alert, not distracted, detail oriented, high level technical production

Communication: null

Space constraints: small

Intervention size: small, hand-held product


For each of these three installations, EEG technology will be utilized to reflect the user’s mental state and guide them to transformation. The scale, shape and location will be determined according to compatibility to the different tasks and spaces within the workspace. 


We base this experience on the Anteroom- a gateway or buffer between experiences. Similarly, to the anteroom that separated everyday life from the holiness of the temple, the proposed experience aims to separate the different work modes and environments within a workspace, and encourage a transformation of mental state. 


This experience is an attempt to explore novel ways to mitigate the overflow of information and distractions that employees have been experiencing in workspaces in the past few decades since the beginning of the digital age and the information revolution.