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Soft Robotic Face Prosthesis that Responds to Facial Expressions

Aposema speculates on a near future where we rely on technology to replace our ability to read facial expressions.


An accessory composed of a soft robotic prosthesis, biometric sensors and an augmented reality overlay, is proposed to read and communicate facial expressions.


Design Research 

Design research of soft robotics technology. We tested materials and behaviors using digitally designed 3D printed molds.

Urban Farming for Desegregation

Acre is one of the few ethnically mixed cities in Israel and it is extremely segregated. Political forces have caused the formation of the city as an accumulation of disintegrated enclaves rather than an urban unity. A network of urban farming is proposed as a means of forming connectivity between Acre's enclaves.

Deconstructing Residential Planning

This project examines the definitions of residential planning by reconstructing and attempting to undermine the convention of the living space.

Residetial Planning

Space Aware Jewelry

BorderLine is a 3D printed modular necklace designed to alert the wearer of dangers in the urban environment. Each part of the necklace holds a component that collects data or notifies the user of danger through haptic feedback or light stimuli. The data is fed by users to an app that collects it and maps hazards throughout the city.

Urban Continuity for Connections

This project is an exercise in improving a city through a process of intensification of building and resident population on top of urban continuity. 

Acre Urban Planning
Wearable Tech Design

反社会  |  Interactive Head Cover

Han Shakai is the Japanese phrase human engagement according to conditions determined by decision makers. The Design poses a critic on the grip that parties of interest may hold over our social interactions through means of networked technologies.

Sound Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality Experience

140.HR is an audial augmented reality experience that allows the participant to relive the past life of a public space through a journey of sounds. Set within the old, unoccupied building of the Bartlett School of Architecture in London, the participant follows visual signs to hear spatialized sounds that used to occupy the school.

La Durée; a term coined in 1913 by French philosopher Henri Bergson, refers to the subjective experience- rather than the objective definition- of time. In order to grasp time, our mind sees states as "side by side" or sequential. True change can only be grasped by intuition. La Durée is a consciousness, which could only be achieved through mobility, dynamic flow and multiplicity. 

The projection mapping allows the observer to experience passing by the installation in a different manner, making them aware of La Durée and subjectivity of time.

video mapping

For Oded Eavri Architects

Architectural conservation research and design of historic buildings in Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan and Jerusalem, Israel for Oded Eavri Architects.

Historic Building Conservation
about me

I am an architectural designer at Studios Architecture, Adjunct professor at California College of the Arts and researcher of architecture theory. My work questions the role of information and communication technologies in the definition of social space.


San Francisco, California, USA

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